Summer has come to Kimono Tokyo! YUKATA rental has started!!

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Try some of our beautiful Yukatas this Summer! 

We have now started taking Yukata rental reservations. 

We have now started selling Yukatas as well!

Please find out more about the plans we offer!


What is YUKATA?

The yukata is a casual version of the kimono.
Yukata is worn during the summer season for fireworks displays and festivals from Edo period.
Some restaurants and amusement park (like Disney land and Sanrio) offer discounts to those wearing Yukata in summer.
Yukata is very traditional and  not expensive so very popular among tourists as a souvenir.


うちわ*YUKATA Basic Plan ¥3800(+tax) *

including:YUKATAobi beltbagsandals and hair styling

Cute and Kawaii style.
Reasonable price.
Recommended for those who like cute and vivid colors!

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うちわYUKATA Special Plan ¥4800(+tax)

including:YUKATAobi beltbagsandals
hair stylingan elegantly tied obi belt】

Retro modern and fashionable style.
Recommended for those who like unique and gorgeous patterns.

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うちわYUKATA Premium Plan ¥5800(+tax)

including:YUKATAobi beltbagsandals
hair styling, an elegantly tied obi belt】

Elegant style.
Recommended for those who like luxury and chic patterns.

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うちわYUKATA Mens Plan ¥3800(+tax)
from 3L ¥4800(+tax)

including:YUKATAobi beltbagsandals

Yukatas are great for dates, anniversaries, festivals and special occasions!

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Please note that prices increase for Yukata and Kimono sizes over LLL.
Please contact us if you dont know which size fits you in advance.


The summer season will be very crowded
so please make your reservation well in advance.


We will produce you a shining summer memory
from Harajuku!

For rental YUKATA and KIMONO.

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