Sightseeing in Harajuku by rickshaw!!
26 10月

We will accommodate you with warm hospitality.
Have a fabulous time in a rickshaw!

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Location shooting plan
15 10月

Just started “Location shooting plan”, in Harajuku the source of trend!!

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Summer has come to Kimono Tokyo! YUKATA rental has started!!
11 5月

Try some of our beautiful Yukatas this Summer!  We have now started taking Yukata rental reservations.  We hav

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We joined Weibo.
2 12月

The Weibo account which are called the Facebook in China was officially approved.

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We have collaborated with a limousine service!
2 12月

If you rent kimono at Kimono Tokyo and a limousine at an affiliated company, you will get two bottles of champagne for free!

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