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Step 1

Please call or fill in the reservation form to make an inquiry or request an appointment.
We will then send you a confirmation mail.?
Please do call or email on the below numbers if you have not received the confirmation mail.



Step 2
Coming to the reception

Please come to the reception on the time you have requested and you may choose a kimono from your requested plan.
If you cannot decide what you wish to wear, please do not hesitate to ask us any time.
We will offer a suggestion for customers who chose a set plan.

Step 3
Hair Set/Make Up (10 minutes〜)

All except the hair set will be included in a plan. Hair set up will be an option.
Please be patient that it may take time depends on plan or optio…

Step 4
Dressing (20〜30 minutes)

You will change your clothes to Hadajuban(underwear for kimono) and a professional expert will help you dress up.
Put your belongings in a bag and we will keep them safely at the store, however make sure that you keep your valuable things with you.

Step 5
Going out!

You can visit?Meiji?Shrine?and?Togo-jinja?Shrine or you can?enjoy Harajuku and Shibuya in a kimono!

Step 6

Please return the Kimono by 18:30.
If you cannot return the Kimono before the time, please be sure to call us about it.
You will be charged ¥1,080 as one day late fee
Please return the Kimono by 12:00 of the next day.